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November Entertainment is a media production company started in 2011 by Colleen Davie Janes and Robert Janes. Based in New York City with associates woldwide, November Entertainment focuses on projects with commercial appeal, excitement, humor and emotional intensity.


Story – Integrity – Commerical viability




CRASH PAD - short romping comedy film

FIRST CHAIR (Family, Romance, Comedy) Starring Alma Bitran, Joseph Burns - award winner

This project is out to film festivals. www.FirstChairMovie.com

BLIND TRUST (Political Family Thriller - web series. The pilot has been shot at 18min.



In Development:

The Family Remains - Irish co-production, comedy feature

La Lupe - web series

Untitled Historical Dramedy, Feature film, of a little known page in American History

Blue River (Eastern European thriller)

TV Mini-Series (historical drama) - a new angle on the Kennedy assasination



Colleen Davie Janes - see more at vimeopro.com/colleendj/director and www.colleen.nyc


Project Development

Robert W. Janes